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January 2018
January 2018

2017 was once again one of the hottest years on record, ranked as the second warmest by NASA and third warmest by NOAA.
A windstorm threw parts of Europe into chaos. At least six people in three countries died as a result of the storm, which brought snow and “hurricane-force” winds blowing 90 mph.
A seasonably cool second half of January is in store for the Pacific Northwest, with parts Olympics and Cascades expected to receive some of the most snow on Earth over the next five days. On top of the impressive snowfall, intense waves in the Pacific Ocean will lash the coast from Washington state to Northern California. 
The Orlando area woke up to the coldest temperatures Thursday morning since 2010, according to the National Weather Service. 
DURHAM, N.C. — Southerners shoveled, scraped and plowed their way Thursday out of a snowy deep freeze that caused a standstill across much of a region accustomed to mild winters.At least 15 people died, including a baby in a car that slid off an icy overpass outside...
Adapting to snow on the road is a long, cold process. Plowing away the polar vortex. 
Meteorologist Heather Tesch looks at the forecast for the next potential winter storm that will cross the country next week.
Meteorologist Heather Tesch looks the snow cover map from Wednesday, which showed snow in all 50 states.
Meteorologist Heather Tesch looks at the forecast for the last of the arctic cold sweeping the nation.
Frigid temperatures, snow and more winter weather.
A powerful storm pummeled Europe with high winds and snow Thursday, killing at least seven people in three countries, grounding flights, halting trains, ripping roofs off buildings and flipping...
Life in this Siberian village, where temperatures plunged to as low as -88F this week, is constant negotiation with the cold.
Answer: it’s complicated. Writing in the Wall Street Journal in 2016, Danish commentator Bjørn Lomborg, who has questioned many of the risks of climate change, claimed that warming temperatures will “reduce the number of cold days and cold spells. That will cut the total number of cold-related deaths.” It sounded plausible. But since then, it’s been clear that cold snaps can still be very deadly: Frigid temperatures in the Eastern United States this month led to more than two dozen deaths. 
One internet user called the dark days in the Russian capital “Hillary’s revenge.”
South Africa's Cape Town, one of the world's iconic tourist destinations, could run out of water by April as the city's worst drought in a century risks forcing residents to join queues for emergency rations.'Day Zero' - the date taps are due to run dry - has crept forward to April 22 as city authorities race to build desalination plants and drill underground boreholes.Almost two million tourists flock to Cape Town every year, travel and tourism accounting for an estimated 9 percent or 412 billion rand (US33 billion dollars) of South Africa's economic output last year, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. 
Rain expected later this week could hamper the cleanup process for crews trying to remove tons of debris and mud from Montecito and surrounding areas, after mud flows killed 20 people and destroyed more than 100 homes last week. 
Mauritius closed its port and airport on Wednesday as it raised its alert level for a tropical cyclone that is bearing down on the island.
Winter Storm Inga sweeps across southern and eastern states, bringing difficult travel conditions from Texas to New England.
Even thermometers can't keep up with the plunging temperatures in Russia's remote Yakutia region, which hit minus 67 degrees Celsius (minus 88.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas Tuesday.In Yakutia — a region of 1 million people about 3,300 miles (5,300 kilometers) east of Moscow — students routinely go to...
<p>While the weather pattern does not favor widespread heavy rain in the short term, the chance of rainfall does exist for mudslide-ravaged and vulnerable areas of Southern California into the fourth week of January.</p>
The Latest on wintry weather in the U.S. (all times local):7:40 p.m.Snow is falling in the Atlanta area, where many school districts already have announced early dismissal times and cancellations ahead of the wintry weather.A steady snowfall was coming down Tuesday night on the normally bustling Interstate 75 corridor leading from Atlanta through its northwest suburbs and beyond. About 15 miles (25 kilometers) northwest of the city, the snow was forcing cars on the interstate to slow considerably amid scattered...
Like most nonfatal lightning strikes, the one outside the Aventura Mall in Florida was not a direct hit. The bolt of electricity struck the victim's umbrella, entered through his hand and left through his foot. "The gentleman holding the umbrella sustained significant electrical injuries, but his outcome was very good," said Dr. Randy Katz, medical director of emergency services at Memorial ...
Heavy snow in the Czech Republic has caused dozens of car crashes and closed down the country's major highway.
Researchers from Iowa State University say there’s a danger climate change will warp the sex ratio of painted turtles, leading to dramatic reductions in reproduction. For many reptiles, including the painted turtle, gender is determined by the environment during nesting, says Iowa State biologist Rory Telemeco — in contrast to mammals, whose chromosomes determine gender.
Snow and ice are coming to Southern states that aren't so accustomed to seeing such frosty conditions.
A slow-moving landslide in a fertile farming region in Washington state has forced evacuations as officials prepare for what they say is inevitable — the collapse of a ridge that sits above a few dozen homes and a key highway.People in Washington are especially wary of landslides following one in 2014 north of Seattle that swept through a tiny community...
More than 60 million people are under winter weather alerts stretching from the Northeast to the deep South. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the details.
The death toll from a cyclone that hit Madagascar about 10 days ago has risen to 51, with another 22 people reported missing, authorities said on Sunday.
At least four people remain missing Monday as the grim effort to find bodies under tons of mud and debris continued in Montecito.
The Philippines' most active volcano spewed lava that cascaded downslope and emitted ash that fell on nearby towns, state volcanologists said on Tuesday, prompting the provincial government to shut more schools.
The bulk of the storms rolling through the western United States this week will skirt to the north of mudslide-ravaged Southern California, taking aim...
Days after Southern California saw the first significant rain in nearly a year, the region fell back into summer-like winter with a heat wave that set new records.&nbsp;
On Friday, residents of Cleveland enjoyed a nice, balmy day with a high of 60 degrees. Just 24 hours later, the temperature sat at a frigid 18 degrees.
Surfing contests rely on the combination of waves and weather, and the Mavericks event is getting only partial cooperation. With contrary conditions in the forecast, the Mavericks Challenge has been called off for Tuesday, with no specific plans for the immediate future.&nbsp;
<p>A fresh plunge of arctic air threatens to allow snow, an icy mix and treacherous travel to unfold deep across the southern United States during the first half of next week.</p>
Australia's Port Hedland iron ore terminal reopened on Saturday afternoon after a cyclone bearing down on the continent's far northwest dissipated, the port's operator said on Saturday evening.
The Thomas fire, the largest wildfire on record in California and the trigger point for this week’s deadly mudslides in Montecito, was declared 100% contained Friday.&nbsp;
<p>We take a look at some of the damage across southern California after heavy rains brought mudslides and flooding to the wildfire-ravaged areas of the state.</p>
<p>Ice, snow and heavy rain are walloping the southern, midwestern and northeastern United States as a multi-faceted winter storm takes aim.</p>
The storm system that brought needed rain but deadly mudflows to southern California, is now making a significant impact with rain, sleet and snow in the East.
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