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June 2018
June 2018

<p>Cooler air will rush from Canada southward into parts of the Midwest early this week, bringing an end to the recent intense heat.</p>
<p>The central United States will be the focal point for flooding downpours and locally severe thunderstorms through Tuesday.</p>
Lava now covers 5,914 acres or an area of 9.24 square miles, according to Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.
A Chinese city was pelted with giant hailstones and sea creatures during a freak storm. Remarkable images of shrimp and starfish on the windscreens of cars were shared by Chinese social media users during the downpour in the eastern city of Qingdao. The bizarre event led to some Twitter users describing the phenomenon as “seafood rain” after images emerged on Tuesday. Watermelons were destroyed by hailstone impacts (Asiawire) Pictures were also posted of huge hailstones, some the size of golf balls, causing extensive damage to buildings and vehicles. The storm also led to some more humorous images being passed around online, including a photograph supposedly of an octopus on a car windscreen, which has since been revealed as fake. 中国青島で暴雨が来襲した結果飛んできたものが海鮮だった!さすが青島🤣嘘みたいなホントの話 — まぬかマイニング⛏@china (@manukatsunakan) 14 June 2018 While the shower of sea creatures may have been caused by the storm sucking animals out of the ocean and dropping them onto the street, there are other theories. Some have speculated that the images may have been the result of seafood being blown from stalls at a nearby market into the road. Instances of sea life being sucked out of the water during extreme weather conditions and dumped onto land are rare, but not unheard of. At least four such events have been recorded in Mexico, the United States, Sri Lanka and Iran within the past two years. Qingdao has been battered by the storm this week, causing flooding and damage to infrastructure across the city. The Qingdao National Meteorological Station registered winds in the city blowing at 34.8 metres per second, a gale force 12 hurricane on the Beaufort scale.
<p>A dangerous combo of high temperatures and high humidity has triggered excessive heat advisories and warnings in Chicago and St. Louis this Fathers' Day weekend as forecasters warn of blistering heat in northern tier states spreading to the East Coast by next week.</p>
<p>With the issuance of an El Niño Watch, many may be wondering what implications that can have on the weather that affects the United States.</p>
Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Carlotta pounded Mexico's Pacific coast east of Acapulco ahead of its expected landfall late Saturday or early Sunday.&nbsp;
<p>Heavy thunderstorms and widespread rains expected on Saturday in the U.S. Southwest could help douse the numerous unrelenting wildfires crews are battling in the parched region.</p>
Meteorologists across the country push for climate change awareness in their reports.
The best photos from this week in weather.
Those who lived through past eruptions of the Hawaii volcano now spewing lava that's wiped out whole neighborhoods remember the despair of losing everything but also the chance for a new start.&nbsp;
The awesome power of volcanos, seen from space
<p>Firefighters battling several unrelenting wildfires in the U.S. southwest will face windy and dry conditions on Friday before possibly getting a reprieve over the weekend when widespread showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast.</p>
Strong winds from Tropical Storm Bud are lashing the southern end of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, home to the popular beach resorts of Los Cabos.&nbsp;
The fire now covers more than 11,000 acres of land.
Climate troublemaker El Niño is forecast for this coming fall and winter, the Climate Prediction Center announced Thursday. The agency said there's a 65% chance it will form this coming winter, prompting it to issue an El Niño watch.
<p>The Caribbean lost more than $1 billion in tourism revenue after hurricanes deterred visitors during the costliest storm season on record, and recovery efforts could cost close to $6 billion, the Caribbean Tourism Organization said on Wednesday.</p>
National Weather Service investigators have confirmed that a second tornado touched down Wednesday evening in Pennsylvania. Investigators in Bradford County in northeast Pennsylvania say that a tornado caused the damage in Franklin Township. Another team of investigators confirm an EF2 tornado with a high wind speed of 130 miles per hour touched down in Wilkes-Barre.
<p>Global warming is on course to exceed the most stringent goal set in the Paris agreement by around 2040, threatening economic growth, according to a draft report that is the U.N.'s starkest warning yet of the risks of climate change.</p>
As it shrinks, sea level rises—and a new study finds it shrank dramatically even when Earth was not as warm as today.
<p>As Hurricane Irma bore down on Florida last September, the top U.S. disaster-response official ordered all hands on deck. With 4,500 Federal Emergency Management Agency staffers already helping survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, FEMA chief Brock Long told managers in an internal memo to ready every member of the agency's on-call reservist workforce for deployment. In the following months, thousands of FEMA reservists, who account for about half of the agency's disaster-response personnel, would descend on Florida, Puerto Rico, California and elsewhere to help recovery efforts after an unprecedented string of natural disasters.</p>
Stacker rounds up the states with the wettest summers.
LOS ANGELES - Firefighters battling a brush fire that forced evacuations in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood were aided by good weather overnight, and the blaze was 40 percent contained early Wednesday, authorities said. The blaze, dubbed the Portola fire, had charred 35 to 40 acres in the Beverly Crest and Benedict Canyon areas as of Wednesday, said Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Erik ...
While many people associate severe weather with the blizzards and ice storms that come with winter, summer isn't exactly a quiet season, weather-wise.Tornadoes, floods and lightning are summer staples, and many of these systems are accompanied by hail.These large ice spheres are born out of thunderstorms with strong updrafts and typically form within an unstable airmass.
Floods, among the most terrifying forces on Earth, have led to countless disasters throughout history.
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